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Onboarding is the process by which new employees acquire the skills, knowledge and behaviors to become effective contributors to an organization.

Onboarding programs are designed to acclimate individuals who are newly hired or transferred from within to new positions.  They are typically administered by an organization’s training and/or human resources departments.


What You Need To Know

Onboarding is sometimes confused with new hire “orientation,” which is a separate informational activity aligned around a specific event. Training departments do not necessarily participate in orientation activities

Some organizations see a dual role for their onboarding programs – to prepare new hires to become productive quickly as well as shape their critical first impressions of the company they have just joined. The latter function occurs more prevalently in competitive fields where attracting and retaining top talent is difficult.

Established onboarding programs may differ dramatically among organizations. More perfunctory programs impart fundamental information about specific job requirements, the working environment, corporate culture and possibly the company’s competitive position in the marketplace.

More comprehensive onboarding programs may involve social and business-related activities designed to engage and connect new employees with specific objectives of the enterprise. They might also include assessments and evaluations, workshops, formal classes and informal coaching.  But they are not designed to improve professional skills and knowledge that the individual is expected to already possess.

What are best practices of an effective onboarding program?

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